Canopée Enchantée
Tax reduction

New 2015

Tax reduction

Via the co-operative "Artisanat à domicile", the costs of small scale garden work undertaken by Conopée Echantée can be offset by 50% against tax*.

- A bill of 100€ = a 50€ tax reduction
- The maximum cost for a garder worl which can be offset is 5,000€ for a household
- The applicable VAT rate is 20%
- Payment by CESU can be accepted

Some examples of work I could do for you through the co-operative are

  • Garden un keep by contract
  • Pruning shrubs, fruit trees, flowering hadges and roses
  • Shredding or removal of pruned branches


This tax advantage is limited to small scale garden work and pruning of shrubs, etc... From the ground, high level pruning of trees is excluded.

Please contact me for any further information.

Cédric Billod